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Digital Marketing On Steroids!

From all of us here at American Marketing Solutions… WELCOME! Thanks for visiting our site!  You have just started down the path toward growing your business online.  Congratulations!

Grow Your Local Business with American Marketing Solutions!

We are in the business of helping local businesses grow and prosper through the design and implementation of a complete, custom marketing strategy that slashes your marketing costs (even after you pay us) while increasing revenue by at least 20%…GUARANTEED!!!.  If this sounds like something from which you could benefit, then read on.  You’re in the right place!

How To Grow Your Business – Then & Now

The entire thought process of how to grow your business has radically changed in recent years.  In today’s “challenging” economic times, if you as a business owner can’t find a way to keep up to date on how best to make that happen, you’re dead in the water before you ever get started.  American Marketing Solutions is here to make that happen for your local business.

What About the Yellow Pages?

Once upon a time, it used to be the case that people would cut down entire forests so that we could have a big giant book in our homes and offices that would supposedly help us find anything.  However, in current times, we have a far superior tool at our disposal that helps us not only find businesses and residents of our city, but it will also help us find pretty much anything else we need!  This same tool not only helps us find whatever we want in our city, but pretty much anything else on Earth!  It replaces not only telephone books, but it replaces dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps and map books, and many more publications.  It’s called The Internet, and it’s profoundly changing our world (and the way we do business) forever.

Being Found

Being Found OnlineThe fact is that at least 80% of consumers and businesses considering a purchase of any goods or services research their purchase online prior to making a buying decision.  So, keeping the above-mentioned facts in mind, businesses who can’t be found online are quite simply doomed for failure, especially in an economy and a political climate where the small business is becoming more and more of an underdog.  However, ensuring that you can and will be found is a challenge and a full-time job in and of itself!

So what can you do?  American Marketing Solutions can help!

How To Use This Site

As a division of American Enterprises, an entrepreneurial company, American Marketing Solutions truly has a passion for helping American businesses survive and even thrive in these uncertain financial times.  To that end, we invite you to use this site for the benefit of your business endeavors.  Here are some ways you can use this site to help you:

American Marketing Solutions Articles

From time to time, when we learn about a major advancement in some aspect of internet technology that can help give you a “leg up” in your business endeavors, we’ll put out an article with that information for your benefit.  You can find these articles in our Articles section whenever you actually come to our site.

American Marketing Solutions News & Updates

From the News & Updates, you can find out everything you’d like to know about what’s happening at American Marketing Solutions, as well other News & Updates that may affect local D. C. Metro, Alexandria and/or Northern Virginia businesses and business professionals.  Whenever we have a new update to our site such as a new article, job opportunity, etc., it will be announced here.

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Regardless of how you communicate with us or how you choose to interact with this site, the most important thing for which you can use this site is to draw from the information you gather here that American Marketing Solutions truly holds the answer to helping your business endeavor increase profits.  With today’s economy the way it is, it may even make the difference as to whether or not your business endeavor survives!  Now more than ever, businesses and business professionals need every edge available to help them stay competitive, and American Marketing Solutions truly holds the answer.

Contact American Marketing Solutions today to learn how we can help you drastically increase profits by helping you slash your marketing expenses (even after paying us) while increasing your revenue by at least 20%, guaranteed! To contact American Marketing Solutions, click here:

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We look forward to hearing from you, and to a long and prosperous business relationship with you and your firm.

To Your Success!

Rick Upshaw, President & CEO, American Marketing Solutions